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Trumpism: A Pre-Existing Condition, Not a Response to Neoliberalism or Globalization

✑ ANDREW J. KLIMAN | 5,220 words
‟There is no evidence that the shift to Trump was a revolt of low-income voters.

Neither Capitalist Nor Socialist: The Political-Economy of Post-Capitalist Societies

✑ CATHERINE SAMARY | 3,383 words
‟For the Bolsheviks, it was a transitional society to socialism.

Markets in the Name of Socialism.
An Interview with Johanna Bockman

✑ JOHANNA BOCKMAN | 3,634 words
‟1989 was supposed to be the realization of a truly democratic form of socialism. Neoliberalism has left-wing origins.

Socialist Economist's New Year's Pledges (and Call out for Writers & Artists)

Perhaps your economic analysis is too leftist for The Economist and too economic for some leftist magazines or websites. Then, in 2018, SE is the right platform for you.

The Shifting Battleground

✑ ASAD ZAMAN | 1,085 words
‟The wealthy elite staged a counter-revolution in the 1980s.

On the Relevance of Marx’s Capital for Today

✑ ANDREW J. KLIMAN | 3,226 words
Capital challenges some ideologies that are quite similar to those of our day.

Karl Marx II: An Analysis of my Father’s Chief Work

✑ ELEANOR MARX | 2,274 words
‟The capitalist extracts surplus labour from his workpeople, for which he does not pay.

Karl Marx I: The briefest sketch of my father’s life

✑ ELEANOR MARX | 2,747 words
‟I shall confine myself to a simple statement of facts. Of his striking personality [...] it is not for me to speak.

What About China?

‟It is not possible for China to stop the disintegration of the capitalist system.

The Red and the Black

✑ SETH ACKERMAN | 8,365 words
‟Profit is the motor of capitalism. What would it be under socialism?

The Current Conflict In Spain Has A Lot to Do With Economic Failure

✑ MARK WEISBROT | 1,319 words
╱ Catalonia Special 
‟The number of people deemed to be at risk for poverty and social exclusion is at 27.9 percent.