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Why Inequality Matters?

✑ BRANKO MILANOVIC ╱ ± 6 minutes
‟The argument that inequality and growth are negatively correlated has gained ground.

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Tale of Two Depressions

✑ DAVID F. RUCCIO ╱ ± 5 minutes
‟The balance of power was fundamentally altered as a result of the New Deals.

Modern Monetary Theory and Inflation – Anwar Shaikh’s Critique

✑ NICK JOHNSON ╱ ± 8 minutes
‟There are a number of problems with MMT and its associated policies.

Financialising the Poor

✑ LENA GRONBACH | ± 10 minutes
‟South Africa’s social grant saga vividly illustrates the dangers of this increasingly popular development narrative.

Argentina: More Lending Guarantees Creeping Austerity

✑ GINO BRUNSWIJCK | ± 5 minutes
‟The IMF adjustment programme is continuing down the road of austerity policies.

Milton's Myth #6: Markets Equal Economic Freedom

✑ ROBIN HAHNEL | ± 7 minutes
‟Exchanges under competitive conditions can be coercive as well.

Milton's Myth #5: Free Enterprise Is Fair

✑ ROBIN HAHNEL | ± 1 minute
‟To each according to the market value of the contribution of his or her labor.


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