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Ideological Statistics: Inflated Death Rates of China's Famine, the Russian one Ignored

✑ UTSA PATNAIK | ± 10 minutes
‟The entire field of the discussion of hunger and famine is a highly ideological one.

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Trump Is Giving Protectionism a Bad Name

✑ WILLIAM G. MOSELEY | ± 5 minutes
‟After the Trump fiasco, free-trade ideology will return with a vengeance.

Milton's Myth #4: Free Enterprise Reduces Discrimination

✑ ROBIN HAHNEL | ± 5 minutes
‟It is foolish to wait for capitalism to eliminate discrimination.

Fascists are Good for Stocks

✑ DOUG HENWOOD | ± 3 minutes
‟What’s the spilling of blood when there’s money to be made?

Red Scare 2018: Socialism and Healthcare

✑ DAVID F. RUCCIO | ± 5 minutes
‟As soon as a policy to radically change the existing economic order becomes popular...

Marxism Revisited

✑ ASAD ZAMAN | ± 5 minutes
‟A shallow caricature of Marxist economics was presented, only to be ridiculed and dismissed.


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