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Welcome to Socialist Economist, a platform for economics + idealism. Publishing each Friday.

The utopian mission: to provide the (international) Left with accessible and progressive analyses and visions on economics.

T o increase our understanding of the past and present: conflicts between rich and poor, the power of big banks, global inequality, the economic history of capitalist and non-capitalist societies, and many more economic issues. And to improve our understanding of what the (economic) goals of the Left should be for the future.

To provide a platform to a rich diversity of analyses and visions, from an equally rich diversity of authors from all over the world. And to be quite accessible to a broad audience, including non-economists and non-academics.

These are the goals of Socialist Economist

In short, SE = 

☞ Driven by an undogmatic commitment to democratic and socialist principles
☞ Sharing analyses and visions on the world's economies from thinkers across the globe (North and South)
☞ Using clear, straightforward language (no economic degree required)
☞ Nonpartisan and wholly independent in its operations

SE was founded in October 2017 and is publishing each Friday ever since.

Contact SE (questions, suggestions, content):
☞ join@socialisteconomist.com

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Write for Socialist Economist

Yes, that's an invitation to you. SE is an international platform for a diversity of analyses and visions from a diversity of writers from a diversity of countries. You get the point; your contribution might be published too.

Note that SE is completely non-funded so do not expect any monetary reward. But also note that SE would not claim any copyright and you would be free to publish your article elsewhere as well (and SE accepts texts previously published elsewhere).

Rough guidelines:
  • 1000 - 3000 words.
  • Try to avoid academic jargon. Non-academics and non-economists should be able to understand your article as well.
  • Focus on economics. Your text may also cover non-economic matters but should have a clear focus on economics.
Send your text, including a short personal bio and picture, to: join@socialisteconomist.com

Image: Sergey Krivoy




The utopian mission: to provide the (international) Left with accessible and progressive analyses and visions on economics. Read more about SE here.


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