About Socialist Economist

Welcome to Socialist Economist, an independent, undogmatic, leftist economic weekly.
We aim to contribute to the international Left's understanding of the economy - in the broadest sense of this word.

We publish political and economic analyses and views from the Left, with a focus on economics. We often republish texts previously published elsewhere, always with the author's approval.

Some texts focus on current events, some focus on history and some contain (economic) visions of the future. We aim to provide a platform to a rich diversity of perspectives and opinions, based on an equally rich diversity of (leftist) theories, philosophies and ideologies.

Socialist Economist is:

☞ Driven by an undogmatic commitment to democratic and socialist principles
☞ Sharing views on the world's economies from thinkers across the globe (North and South)
☞ Using clear, straightforward language (no economic degree required)
☞ Nonpartisan and wholly independent in its operations

SE was founded in October 2017 and is publishing each Friday ever since.

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Image: Sergey Krivoy

Receive SE's updates by:
email (weekly)

SE has relied on:
Content from: Pluto Press / Dollars & Sense / Rethinking Marxism / The New Press / Público / Revolting Europe / CUP / Alternet / Jacobin / Monthly Review /
Contributions (goods or services) from: Bullfrog Films