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Welcome to Socialist Economist, a platform for economics + idealism. Publishing each Friday.

The somewhat utopian mission: to provide the (international) Left with accessible and progressive analyses and visions on economics.

T o increase our understanding of the past and present: conflicts between rich and poor, the power of big banks, global inequality, the economic history of capitalist and non-capitalist societies, and many more economic issues. And to improve our understanding of what the (economic) goals of the Left should be for the future.

To provide a platform to a rich diversity of analyses and visions, from an equally rich diversity of authors from all over the world. And to be quite accessible to a broad audience, including non-economists and non-academics.

These are the goals of Socialist Economist

In short, SE = 

☞ Driven by an undogmatic commitment to democratic and socialist principles
☞ Sharing analyses and visions on the world's economies from thinkers across the globe (North and South)
☞ Using clear, straightforward language (no economic degree required)
☞ Nonpartisan and wholly independent in its operations

SE was founded in October 2017 and is publishing each Friday ever since.

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Image: Sergey Krivoy


A Platform for Economics + Idealism. Publishing each Friday. Read more about SE here.

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